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Pricing & Quantity We Offer

Bulk Beef

Purchasing freezer beef is a smart decision for families. The freezer beef you purchase from Dougherty Farms is of high quality, locally raised, and more flavorful than beef purchased at the grocery store. Our beef tastes better because the cattle are corn-fed. A corn-fed diet results in a more tender and tastier beef. In addition, when the beef is processed it is dry-aged 10-14 days. The dry-aged process allows the beef to increase in tenderness and a more beefy flavor than compared to the beef in grocery stores that is not dry-aged.

Customers can purchase a whole, half, or quarter beef. A whole beef carcass weighs about 800 lbs., a half beef carcass weighs about 400 lbs., and a quarter beef carcass weighs about 200 lbs. of beef. Each customer can select the beef cuts that your family will enjoy. We will also help you select the beef cuts that will best fit your needs. One cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30 Lbs. of beef.

¼ Beef ~6-7 Cubic Ft. of Freezer Space

½ Beef ~13-14 Cubic Ft. of Freezer Space

Beef Price Breakdown
Amount Price Per Pound Approximate Cost*
Whole $2.25 $1800
Half $2.30 $920
Quarter $2.35 $470
*Approximate Cost does not include processing fees.
Processing Price Breakdown
The beef is processed at either Myers in St. Paul, IN or occasionally at Beutler's in Lafayette, IN. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the processing and pick-up their beef.

Slaughter Fee: $7.50-30.00
Processing of Beef: $0.40/lb
Patties (optional): $0.50/lb
Other charges do apply for boning out boneless steaks.

**Prices are subject to change.

Individual Cuts
Filet Mignon Steaks $22.00/lb.
NY Strip Steaks $13.00/lb.
Rib eye Steaks $13.00/lb.
Sirloin Steaks $6.00/lb.
Flank Steak $6.00/lb.
Skirt Steak $6.00/lb.
Round Steak $4.50/lb.
Sirloin Tip Roast $4.50/lb.
Rump Roast $4.50/lb.
Cubed Steak $4.50/lb.
Brisket $4.75/lb.
Stew Meat $4.50/lb.
Beef Patties $6.00/package (4 patties in package)
Ground Beef $4.00/lb.
Soup Bones $2.25/lb.